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Your home is the number one place where you should feel safe - the foundation of your home is what holds everything together, and without full confidence that it’s doing its job then you could be in a lot of trouble! When you need work done to your foundation, be it a small repair or a big one, you don’t want to go leaving it up to chance. Let the pros that know what they’re doing be the ones to get your home safe and sound once again.

About Us

You know those kids that were obsessed with building blocks all through their childhood? Well they grew up to be obsessed with foundations, turning that passion into a career and bringing the attention to detail and obsession right beneath your home. We are experts at anything related to foundation work and pride ourselves in our abilities. Terrell Foundation Repair will ensure that any work we do for you will be to the highest standard.

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    Our Services

    Most people don’t realise the amount of work and thought that goes into a foundation, to a lot of people the process might seem as simple as pouring some concrete and giving it a quick smooth over as it dries - we can assure you there is a lot more to foundations than you think. As you will see from our list of services, we can cater to any need and make sure that your homes foundation gets the repairs it needs.

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    Slab Foundation Repair

    The wise man built his house upon the rock for a reason - cause the harder the foundation, the stronger the home. Concrete slab foundations are fabulous at providing a solid and unmoving foundation for a home, but unfortunately concrete still has its weaknesses. If you have chips, cracks or any other damage in your concrete slab, then have it checked out by our team, we can organise a quick and effective repair that doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg.

    Pier and Beam Repair

    The beauty of foundations is there are so many different types to achieve the best result. This can also mean that finding an expert in all the different styles for a simple (or not so simple) repair can be a bit of a nightmare. No matter what your foundation type, whether its pier, beam or concrete slab, we are able to assess the damage, quote the repair and get the job done for you so you can rest easy knowing your home is all in one piece.

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    House Leveling

    Feeling a bit lopsided? Many people don’t even realise when they have a home thats out of level. There can be small indicators, seeing bottles roll along the floor after dropping them or noticing that the pictures hung on the wall don’t seem straight anymore. But often the extent of the issue isn’t fully realised until the pros arrive. Don’t go on living like you’re a bit out of balance, we can come and set things straight for you, returning your home to perfect level.

    Drainage Repair

    One of the major things within the foundation of your home, office or warehouse that many people don’t stop to consider is the drainage. When your home has foundation issues then the drainage can go completely our of the window. A moat around your home might seem like a good idea but when your house starts sinking further and further into the ground because of all the water that isn’t draining properly, you may start to change your mind.

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    Cracked Wall Structural Repair

    When your homes foundation shifts, so does a lot of things in your home - if half the walls drop down and the other half stay still, you can end up with some pretty big cracks running across them in no time. This may look great in an inner city industrial apartment, but most people prefer to have their walls all in one piece. We can repair any stress cracks that have shown up from shifted foundations.

    Commercial Foundation Repair

    Foundation problems can spell disaster for a business, if you have a giant warehouse that is supporting your company and is starting to show signs of distress in the foundation, you don’t want to waste time getting amateurs fixing your foundations. Give us a call to have your commercial property repaired by our reliable, affordable and efficient work team today and you’ll be amazed at how well we can get your foundation back to it’s original glory.

    “My home was starting to show some cracks in the walls and I knew it was bad news. I gave the guys at Terrell Foundation Repair a call and they were out within a flash to come and fix the foundation and repair any cracks that had formed in the walls.” - Peter S.

    “I bought an old home that I was told had some small foundation repair work to be done, I contacted Terrell Foundation Repair through a family recommendation and was so glad I did, they did a fantastic job making sure everything was as it should be, without charging me too much for the repairs.” - Joanna G.

    “I had a brand new slab poured a few weeks ago and almost immediately it had shifted and cracked. Terrell Foundation Repair was able to stabilise the slab and repair the cracks so I could get on with construction. They were affordable and fast to get on site, would highly recommend their services.” - James D.

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    Keep your home, office or large commercial property in the shape that it should be by making sure the foundation is in tip top condition. We have a team of foundation specialists waiting to help repair any issue big or small, commercial or residential that comes their way. Terrell Foundation Repair is ready to go to help fix whatever issue you may have, just give us a call or send us an email and we can get working on your repair today.