Commercial Foundation Repair

Commercial Foundation Repair

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Your business is your baby - if anything goes wrong to it not only do orders get delayed, work backs up and havoc ensues, but your direct income gets affected too. Keeping your workers and your way of life safe is of utmost importance, and if something as serious as foundation cracks and shifts start to happen then it’s paramount to make sure that repairs are taken care of quickly and professionally. We have worked on a huge amount of projects within the residential and the commercial space and feel incredibly qualified to take on foundation jobs of all sizes, near and far.


Commercial Properties

Commercial properties can be very different to residential. First of all the scale is normally much larger, having to deal with more space to work with and more things like plumbing that can get in the way and end up becoming incredibly expensive to repair. Commercial projects need to be treated differently to residential, which is why you want to make sure that you entrust your commercial repairs with a team that have been through it all before and are ready for anything to eventuate.


Permits and Permissions

The big downside to working on commercial properties can be all the red tape that needs to be dealt with, even if its just repairs that are being undertaken. Depending on the work itself we may need to organise permits and fancy equipment in order to be able to complete all the work and sign off on a safe and secure building. Thankfully we are able to take care of all the dreaded paperwork for you and be done with the process so that you don’t need to waste your own time dealing with it.


Occupational Health and Safety

Safety is always our utmost priority. The safety of our workers and yours are put ahead of anything else, making sure that any repairs completed on your premises are carried out safely and according to code. We know that the actions of our technicians can be the responsibility of your business, so we ensure that our technicians are fully trained in safety protocol and wear all valid and required PPE during the duration of the repairs. We aim to complete all repairs safely and quickly so that minimal disruptions are caused.


Under Budget for Time and Cost

The last thing you need is to be losing business hours while also paying for expensive foundation repairs all at the same time. It’s easy for these things to get out of hand and end up creating a snowball effect that leaves what was originally a small problem slowly turning into a much bigger one. This is why we put a lot of effort into planning out a schedule of repairs so that we can work when there are less people around to be affected, and it means that usually repairs go quicker which is only a good thing in this specific circumstance.

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