Cracked Wall Structural Repair

Cracked Wall Structural Repair

crackked wall of the house

They may not seem like a hugely important aspect of your home, but the walls in your house are incredibly important and they do much more than hold up your paintings. No matter how observant you are or not, once you start getting cracks in your walls you start to notice something is off. When there are issues with the structure of your home then the first thing that bears the brunt of the stress is usually the walls. They get twisted out of shape and as a result the walls can start to bulge or crack depending where the stress is coming from. Quick structural repairs and wall repairs are required to get everything back to normal.


Wall Crack Diagnosis

Knowing what is causing a cracked or twisted wall is the most important part. It can be a hard thing to diagnose but if repairs to the walls are done without actually fixing the cause of the issue then the walls can just gradually get worse and worse as time goes on. We send out our technicians to get down to the crux of the issue, usually this is a shifting foundation which is something we are professionals in fixing. But whatever the cause, we will endeavor to resolve that before fixing the individual walls themselves.


Drywall Repair

Drywall is designed to be soft and forgiving, if your walls twist out of shape then often your drywall can go on and twist with it, not leaving a huge amount of evidence that such a huge problem is occurring in the background. If your drywall is showing clear signs of damage though, we can help to repair it and restore your walls to their former glory. The structure behind the wall also needs to be assessed and repaired so as not to be connecting more drywall to a wall thats likely to fall down on its own after time.



We’ve all seen those people driving around older cars and they’ve lost the will to keep them decent, using simple spray paint to repair any damages to the paint. We don’t want the same thing being done to your beautiful home. We make sure that the paint colour is actually matched to what your wall already has before its all patched up, rather than having our guys use a random “white” sample pot on them and leaving a clear standout section of freshly laid paint on your walls.


Fast and Clean Turnaround

It’s not secret that some tradespeople don’t put any respect into the site that they are on and can leave huge messes behind them once they have finished their part of the job. We instruct all our technicians to ensure they are always clean, tidy and polite to each and every client, making sure the house is left in a better condition when we leave than how we found it when we first arrived onto the site itself.

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