Drainage Repair

Drainage Repair

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It may surprise you to find out just how much water comes and goes from your house. Every toilet flush, every sink full of dishes cleaned, and even every rainfall, all that water has to be collected somehow and directed into a sewrage line and taken away from your home. If ever there is an issue with your drainage and water is left to pool underneath your home, then you can be in some serious trouble. The usual problem is cause by a shifting foundation, which can lead to plumbing disconnecting itself and water starting to escape around the base of your home. In some extreme cases it can lead to entire homes shifting and causing irreparable damage.


Foundation Levelling

The first step with repairing the drainage is to identify the cause of the problem. As most reasons for drainage issues are related to shifting foundations, then thats usually the first place we look. If your plumbing has become disconnected on account of an uneven foundation then we will help to return it to the original level state and start identifying the issues with the drainage.


Plumbing Assessment

Plumbing is where this process usually gets tricky. In the best case scenario your plumbing is all exposed and once your home has been restored back into the shape that it was, it’s just a case of reattaching the plumbing and testing to make sure its all sealed once again. But in some cases, many drainage plumbing is found within the slab itself in order to maximise on space and secure the plumbing attachments well. In these cases a more delicate and thorough approach is required to make sure that each and every pipe is secure and ok to continue being used.


Cost Effective Repairs

Life can be expensive, between birthdays and gift giving holidays there is a lot of money to be spent through the year. The last thing you need is to have to explain that an expensive foundation to repair is why no one has any presents around the christmas tree this year. We keep our prices low to help our customers afford our incredibly important services. We do this by being smart and organised with our team, along with investing in new technologies that help reduce the repair time and therefore the money we need to charge each person.


Timely Service

Have you ever had to wait around all day while a plumber comes to do a 15 minute repair and by the time he finally arrives all your plans have been cancelled and it ends up feeling like a wasted day. We respect the time of our clients too much to allow this sort of thing to happen. Rather than waiting around all day, you’re given a clearer time that your technician will arrive and we work hard to stick to those times, remaining punctual and getting the repair or inspection finished as soon as physically possible.

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