Pier and Beam Repair

Pier and Beam Repair

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Have you been hearing a slight creaking noise every time you walk into a certain corner of your home that didn’t used to happen before? The signs of a damaged foundation can be quite small at first, there may just be odd creaking noises that occur, or perhaps small hairline cracks start to appear in the walls. These symptoms, although seemingly quite small, can be caused by much bigger problems. The foundations in your home, when they start to shift or sag, can cause huge amounts of damage in the long term, so it’s always best to get on top of them as soon as you notice any small changes. So if you feel like there’s something up with your home - give us a call.


Damage Assessment

The first thing to do is to check what the actual problem is. Unfortunately many contractors will jump straight into repairs without spending enough time to thoroughly check out whats wrong with the foundation first, as there can be multiple forces at play that cause your foundations to shift. We make sure to thoroughly check over every inch of your foundations, making sure to note all the reasons why your foundation is beginning to fail so that any and all issues can be addressed before we sign off on the job.


Repair Methods

We’re living in a great time where technology has truly caught up to us. There are so many different tools, materials and methods to be used to help repair foundation issues that it really does give you confidence for the future. We have spent countless hours researching the best methods for all the different types of foundation failures out there, so that no matter what occurs to your foundations, we have the solution for your home to repair it back into its original glory.


Cost Effective Repairs

When you think of repairs to your foundation, its easy to start feeling nervous about the costs involved in getting your home safe again. Just because the repairs of your homes foundation are likely the most important, doesn’t mean they need to be the most expensive. We have worked hard to reduce the cost of our repairs and pass those savings on to our customers so that they don’t need to think about anything other than having their home restored to it’s safe and secure state.


Ongoing Service

We endeavor to make sure all repairs are a permanent fix to your foundation - our focus is on diagnosing the original issue and preventing any further problems from arising in the future. Despite this, there is always a chance that hidden problems may still be lurking and further problems can be caused to your foundation. If any of our repairs aren’t sufficient then we will work our hardest to find out what the cause of the issue is and to make sure that the appropriate repair is done to your home. Rest assured, your foundations are in safe hands with us.

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