Slab Foundation Repair

Slab Foundation Repair

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Foundations are the most important part of your home - without them a simple gust of wind or heavy rain can turn your house into a pile of sticks and drywall. Keeping your home secure and anchored down is our top priority, and it can be hard work if things don’t go the way they should. Every foundation is built to last but sometimes mother nature has other plans, if the weather starts to change the way your house sits then we can come and fix that for you. Any damage to your concrete slab needs to be addressed straight away, as the longer you leave it the worse it will get - costing you more money to have it repaired in the long run.


Foundation Assessment

The first step is to assess what the damage is, making sure all the issues are spotted before any repairs are done. Many inexperienced technicians will spot one major issue and jump straight to fixing it without looking closer. If there are more issues than one, then fixing it may lead to further problems down the track that can end up being more expensive and invasive to repair when it comes time. It’s important to take a full and holistic approach to any slab damage so that it can be repaired properly the first time.


Repair Techniques

Fixing a concrete slab isn't as easy as mixing up some more concrete and pouring it into any gaps unfortunately. The real process can be much more involved, using specially engineered resins and foams to help move the slab into the right place and lock it there permanently. Our team have spent years perfecting our techniques so we can confidently secure and repair concrete slabs to the specifications they need to keep your home safe.


Ongoing Maintenance

A slab, like anything else in your home, needs to be checked on frequently to make sure that it is continuing to do its job. Fortunately, your slab doesn’t need to be regularly checked over, but we often advise our customers to have a yearly or bi-annual inspection performed on their slab to ensure it hasn’t moved or cracked anywhere. This is particularly important after a repair, as there may be other forces at play that have been overlooked, so it is always best to be safe rather than sorry and have it checked over.


Quality Service

When it comes to your home, do you want to be trusting the very way it stands up to a crew of amateurs that don’t know what they are doing? One wrong move with a slab repair or even inspection and your home could crumble into a heap of wood and nails at your feet - when it comes to something as important as your home, don’t leave it up to chance. Leave it up to Terrell Foundation Repair, the professionals that will get the job done right the first time, leaving you with a safe and secure concrete slab foundation.

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