House Leveling

House Leveling

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When a home is first built, everything is perfect. The paints gleems on the walls, the floorboards shine and the windows glisten in the sunlight. The last thing on your mind when you move your belongings into your new home is how level the floor is to the walls, but if they start to shift then it becomes very much front of mind very quickly. Often times the cause for a home moving out of level is due to shifting foundations, usually because of excess water around the foundation that allows the ground below it to subside. Whatever the reason, it’s critical to have the issue checked and fixed by a professional before it becomes a much bigger and much worse problem.


Fast Response

When you have issues with your foundations, or any part of your home for that matter, the last thing you want to be doing is waiting around for a tradesman to come and fix it. The key with foundation issues is to resolve them quickly as they can spiral out of control in a very short amount of time. When we get a job request to look into foundation repairs, we make sure it gets prioritised so the customer is left with minimal wait times between calling us and having their foundation repaired.


Quick Repairs

We’ve all had the experience of dropping off our car to the mechanic to have it repaired only to find out that the parts are going to take a few days to arrive and suddenly you’re catching the bus to work for the rest of the week, throwing your entire schedule and leaving you to play catch up. We understand this type of frustration which is why we make sure that all repairs are completed in as short of a time period as possible, so as not to inconvenience your life and to reduce the anxiety of waiting for your home to be safe again.


On Time and Respectful Workers

There is no greater annoyance than having trades people working on your home that are later than promised, leaving you standing around waiting and often ruining the schedule of your day - We combat this by ensuring our team is incredibly time conscious and organised for every appointment. We make sure that we allow ample time to get to site and to perform any checks and repairs so that everyone arrives and leaves on time.


Environmentally Friendly Ethos

It’s important to look after the environment around us, otherwise the houses we are repairing won’t be worth much if the environment around it dies off. There are a lot of harmful chemicals that could be used to repair a foundation, but we ensure we only use chemicals with the lowest effect on the environment, reducing our carbon footprint and keeping the local flora and fauna of your home protected from any unneeded damage. Call us to find out more about the steps we’ve taken to be more environmentally conscious.

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